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Meet your energy and sustainability goals with Vega Energy Services.

Vega is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to partner with you in your journey toward energy efficiency. From regulatory compliance, to the planning and execution of energy efficiency projects, to training your people for efficient operation and maintenance, Vega can assist you every step of the way.

How can Vega help your business?

Do you own or manage a hotel, medical center, manufacturing plant, or any other Designated Establishment? (A Designated Establishment is defined by law as a “private entity in the commercial, industrial, transport, power, agriculture, public works, and other sectors identified as energy-intensive industries”.)

Designated Establishments that consume at least 500,000 kilowatt-hours of combined fuel and electric power per year (or an average of 41,600 kilowatt-hours per month) are now required by the Philippine Government to conduct an Energy Audit to comply with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act of 2018 (Republic Act 11285).

Note: One liter of diesel is roughly equivalent to 3,540 kilowatt-hours, and one liter of gasoline is roughly equivalent to 3,245 kilowatt-hours. (Read more about the latest advisory on the mandated energy audit from the Department of Energy)

Read on to learn more about energy audits.

What is an Energy Audit and what will my business get out of it?

An Energy Audit is your first step toward more effectively managing your company’s energy cost. The process identifies ways by which your establishment can be more energy-efficient. Generally, the larger the size of your operations, the greater the savings that could result from introducing new energy conservation measures. The savings could then be put to more productive use.

Also, a relatively new law – The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act of 2018 (Republic Act 11285) – requires all Designated Establishments (DEs) in the Philippines with an annual consumption of at least 500,000 kilowatt-hours to conduct an energy audit once every three years. The Department of Energy has extended the deadline for full reportorial compliance of the first audit to April 15, 2023.

Vega is your one-stop-shop for energy audits.

Philippine law requires that energy audits be performed by either a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) or an Energy Services Company (ESCO). As an ESCO accredited by the Department of Energy, Vega can conduct the energy audit for you and furnish a complete Energy Audit Report that your business will then submit to the Department of Energy.

Because the Energy Audit Report includes recommended solutions and investments that will make your operations significantly more energy efficient and sustainable, your first energy audit is only the beginning of your journey toward massive savings in the long-term.

Vega’s engineers are equipped with the know-how to carry out the recommended solutions from the drawing board to full implementation, bringing you beyond mere regulatory compliance toward proactively slashing your energy cost, ultimately increasing your bottom line and profitability.

What kind of businesses do we serve?

Geographic: The area coverage for energy efficiency compliance services is mainly in the Philippines. However, technical and project development may be extended to nearby countries.

Demographic: We serve large commercial buildings and industrial facilities with high energy use.

Psychographic: Our clients are business owners / facility / maintenance / engineering managers who want to optimize energy use of their facility while ensuring compliance with the latest energy law.

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